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There is something new under the sun!  EBT–Emotional Brain Training–is a scientific solution to stress.  Learn powerful EBT tools to switch your mode from stress to joy!



MINIMIZE STRESS by creating more joy in your life through  repatterning your neural pathways. I will teach you techniques to help you process stress in a highly effective way. Over time, you rewire your emotional brain to decrease stress and increase balance and well-being.

These techniques are  grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience, stress science and attachment theory. You’ll learn powerful tools to switch your mood from stress toward joy, and reconnect to the higher order rewards of life—like having peace and power from within, feeling genuine and whole, being healthy with a zest for life, aware of your capacity to do good, giving and receiving love, enjoying the grace and mystery of life, and free from common excesses. The power of these tools will surprise and delight you!

Research has shown that people who use this method over the long term experience more joy in their lives. Start enjoying the power to rewire your brain. You’ll quickly see results in breaking free of stress and reclaiming your joy.



Melissa Swartz, ALPS, AADC, LPC
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